City Utility Services


New Customers

Come to City Hall, 708 9th Street, Benton City, to sign up for water and/or sewer. There is a $15.00 non-refundable new account fee that must be paid before service will transfered into your name. If you are renting, please bring a copy of your lease agreement showing the landlord consents to putting the account in the tenant's name.

Closing Your Account

If you are moving and need to close your account, please call at least 3 working days before your anticipated move date to schedule a closing read. Water service is not turned off. The meter is read and you are billed for usage up to the closing date. If you are a renter, the bill will be prorated as of the 1st or the 15th of the month, depending on the date identified on the termination form.


A water/sewer hookup permit is required before making a water/sewer connection. The portion of the connection within the right-of-way and easements must be inspected by the Public Works Department, and all installations must be inspected on private property prior to covering the pipe. A hookup permit is not authority to cut into the street right-of-way. A separate permit is required for all work within the right-of-way and only bona-fide, bonded contractors may work within the right-of-way.

Services usually require the installation of a backflow valve in accordance with Section 409, Uniform Plumbing Code. Contact City Hall for the Building Inspector’s assistance.

Cross-connection devices or vacuum breakers must be installed in accordance with Section 1003, Uniform Plumbing Code.


Water Connection Fees

Application Fee $25.00
1" $600.00 *
1 1/2" $1,000.00 *
2" $1,400.00 *
3" $2,400.00 *
4" $2,750.00 *
Area Charge $0.02 Per square foot (up to 20,000 sq. ft. Max. $400.00)
*(plus any additional materials and labor)

Outside corporate city limits 150% of connection permit fee Property owners will be responsible for the cost of bringing piping to the main line for hookups.

Water Monthly Rate Effective 1/01/14

3/4" Residential/Commercial $19.97
3/4" Senior $9.97
3/4" Outside city limits $29.91
3/4" Senior outside city limits $14.99
1" Residential/Commercial $23.75
1.5" Residential/Commercial $26.60
2" Residential/Commercial $29.91
3" Residential/Commercial $36.59
4" Residential/Commercial $41.62
Over 1000 cu/ft per 2 month period $0.90
Each additional unit $17.03
* Water rates increasd 6% in 2014


Sewer Connecition Fees

Application Fee $25.00
Hookup Fee $200.00
Area Charge $0.01 Per square foot (up to 20,000 sq. ft. Max. $200.00)

Sewer Monthly Rate Effective 1/01/14

Residential 1 Unit $40.21
Residential 2 Unit $67.93
Residential 3 Unit $95.61
Residential 4 Unit $123.30
Residential MH Park 1st Unit $40.21
Residential HM Park per Extra Unit $27.68
Industrial/Commercial/Indus 1 $55.38
Industrial/Commercial/Indus 2 $83.10
Industrial/Commercial/Indus 3 $111.15
Residential outside city limits - 1 Unit $60.30
Residential outside city limits - 3 Unit $111.15
Residential Senior $20.11
Residential Senior outside city limits $30.14
* All sewer rates increase 2% annually

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